Miranda Jollie

Miranda Jollie

By day I work as a criminal barrister, and I find knitting, and even more so designing, is the perfect way to relax after a stressful day in court.

A lot of my inspiration comes from the natural world - I love gardening, growing things, making preserves, and travelling around Britain and the rest of the world. A lot of my patterns are inspired by what I find in my garden, farmers’ market or on holiday!

You can get an idea of what’s inspiring me now on my Pinterest boards - and you can follow me on Twitter - my username is hanwellknitter.

I also have a Ravelry group.

Six of my patterns are available to download in exchange for a donation of your choice - Southfields Sweater, Endless Summer, Beowulf, Martini Cowl, Bob’s Beanie & Cat Walk Shawl.

I have a number of free patterns to give you a taster of my designs, and am in the process of getting these tested - if it has not been tested it will be clear from the pattern page. If you find mistakes or problems, please let me know so I can correct the pattern. The best way of saying thank you if you like a free pattern is to post your project with pictures!

Please do not reproduce these patterns without permission. (But pin them to Pinterest as much as you like!)
Please do not sell items made from the patterns without my permission (with one exception - Dorothy bag - which you are welcome to use for craft fairs or charity stalls on a small-scale basis).

I also offer tech editing - please pm me for more info. You can see patterns I have tech edited in this bundle.

As part of the Giftalong 2014, I was interviewed for Desert Rose Knits’ blog

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original designs

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Diamond Lights Scarf
Knit Now, Issue 130, June 2021
Lawrie Scarf
Knit Now, Issue 129, May 2021
Branch Line Scarf
Knit Now, issue 124, January 2021
Marchpane Scarf
Knit Now, Issue 116, June 2020
Marilee Scarf
I Like Knitting Website
Helter Skelter Scarf
Your Crochet & Knitting, Issue 11
Best of Friends Bracelets
Your Crochet & Knitting, Issue 10
Bougainvillea Flower Scarf
I Like Knitting Website
Conservatory Scarf
Knit Now, Issue 101, April 2019
Lola Hair Scarf
I Like Knitting, April 2019
Marathon Running Gloves
Miranda Jollie Designs
Aragorn Hat
Knit Now, Issue 97, December 2018
I Beg Your Pardon...
Miranda Jollie Designs
Ruffled Feathers Scarf
I Like Knitting, August 2018
Guiding Star Tealight Cosies
Knit Now, Issue 91, July 2018
Walberswick Wrap
Knit Now, Issue 90, June 2018
Regency Mitts
Knit Now, Issue 88, May 2018
Sunblock Infinity Scarf
I Like Knitting, June 2018
Winter Meadow Scarf
Knit Now, Issue 86, March 2018
Frost Crackles Scarf
Knit Now, Issue 84, February 2018
Waterland Scarf
Knit Now, Issue 82, December 2017
Thorpe Cloud Scarf
Essential Knits, Issue 4, December 2017
Noveau Year Wrap
I Like Knitting, December 2017
Way Through the Woods Scarf
Knit Now, Issue 79, September 2017
Mystery Play Mitts
Miranda Jollie Designs
October Afternoons Scarf
I Like Knitting, October 2017
Fairy Pools Scarf
Knit Now, Issue 78, September 2017
Elvaston Sleeveless Top
Miranda Jollie Designs
Griselda Beret
Knit Now, Issue 74, May 2017
Carn Scarf
Knit Now, Issue 72, March 2017
Lime Wedge Trinket Baskets
I Like Knitting, April 2017
Rimini scarf
Luxury Yarns Website
Ferrara Mitts
Luxury Yarns Website
Ferrara Hat
Luxury Yarns Website
Stefano Sweater
Miranda Jollie Designs
Cappuccino Cozies
I Like Knitting, December 2020
Desert Dreams Beanie
I Like Knitting, February 2017
Silbury Cowl
Knit Now, Issue 69, January 2017
Leafy Spring Scarf
Willow Yarns Website
Fieldfare Mitts
Knit Now, Issue 70, January 2017
Fieldfare Scarf
Knit Now, Issue 70, January 2017
Pentlow Wristwarmers
Knit Now, Issue 68, December 2016
Pentlow Hat
Knit Now, Issue 68, December 2016
Sylvia Infinity Scarf
Willow Yarns Website
Difference Engine Cowl
Miranda Jollie Designs
Cavatappi Beret
Knit Now, Issue 63, August 2016
Anchors Away Scarf
I Like Knitting, June 2016
Runner Bean Mitts
Miranda Jollie Designs
Goosefeather Scarf
Knit Now, Issue 60, May 2016
Lazy Eight Cowl
Knit Now, Issue 60, May 2016
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