Perfect Fit Dog Sweater - Pattern Generator-& cats by Jeslane

Perfect Fit Dog Sweater - Pattern Generator-& cats

by Jeslane
January 2011
any weight
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May 2023 update:
Hello friends & community!

From Feb. 2011 - May 2023 this pattern was listed as free & became the most popular dog sweater pattern on Ravelry with over 2500 sweaters made. As of May 2023, I’m now kindly asking for $4 for the pattern to help cover the cost of my now 13-year-old 3-legged Luna who inspired the creation of this pattern when she was a mere 6 months old! (see her story below!) However - cost will never be a hindrance to this pattern, so if you need the pattern for free, please message me, no questions asked! I’ll see how the $4 charge goes for some time and if it’s not going over well with YOU, then I’ll return it to the free option!

If you’re seeking yarn, I recommend any acrylic/blend version here :)

2021 update, 10-Year Anniversary:
In early 2011, this pattern was born out of need to create a sweater for my 3-legged (& slightly lopsided) love, Luna. In a burst of inspiration, I published the pattern on Ravelry so others could enjoy its simplicity as well. I never imagined that a decade later, it would be published in multiple languages and nearly 2000 sweaters created around the world, and sweaters for not only dogs- but cats, rabbits, iguanas, guinea pigs, and more. I hope this pattern continues to bring perfect-fitting sweaters to your quadruped friends for many more years to come. Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful support over the last 10 years.

I’m now happy to announce, I’ve published a 10-Year Anniversary Edition! With clearer instructions and a new optional “Simplified Ending” for new knitters.


In 2010, 3-month old Luna, a street dog living homeless in Kathmandu, Nepal, was hit by a taxi that resulted in one amputated leg and injuries on all other three legs. At the time, I was volunteering at a street dog shelter & Luna made her way to me for care, while nursing her back to health, Luna and I fell in love and I realized I could not leave this tiny puppy to fend for herself on the wild streets of Kathmandu with only 3 legs…. so I did what I had to do, I brought her back to the United States for a new life! Since 2010, Luna & I have been inseparable, we’ve travelled back & forth across the US more times than we can count. We’ve lived nomadically from the W. Coast to E. Coast, to SW, to NE, & Luna has put smiles on countless faces along the way. Her favorite place in the world is the coast of Oregon. Now, in her golden years, 3-legged Luna enjoys sleeping, taking short walks, chasing squirrels with her eyes, and still being the boss of everyone. Luna & I aim for her to beat the Guinness Book of World Records for the oldest living dog. Let’s go, Luna!

Luna is one of the more fortunate dogs, most of dogs remain in Kathmandu living out their life on the street, with very little care other than what is offered by NGOs. Street Dog Care Organization is run solely on donations from caring individuals, if you have a special place in your heart for our canine friends, please consider visiting Street Dog Care’s website for more information and perhaps offering a kind donation. Thank you and with much love from Kathmandu!

Pattern Description:

This very simple design is worked top-down, seamless, in the round. Stitches are then picked up for bottom border and sleeves.

Any size can be made from XXXS to XXXL or any other! Simple calculations are made to determine the perfect fit for your size companion. Any yarn and any gauge can be used. A perfect blank palette for creativity-add lace, intarsia, cables, etc. And it adjusts perfectly for our “odd shaped” friends, such as bulldogs and pugs.

NOTE: For XXS dogs, some Ravelry users have suggested you may want to increase every rnd for the neck increases. & for XXL dogs, see a user’s comments here!

Please post sweater photos if you can!:)


This pattern has also been used to create a nice sweater for cats, lambs, bunnies, guinea pigs, iguanas, and…who’s next??

This pattern is available in English, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, French, Greek. (If you’d like to offer a translation, please contact me!)

Thank you greatly for the wonderful volunteer translators: jolatelier - Portuguese, todanai - Greek, eponamama - Russian, Nadabrovitchka - Spanish translation, nadeige - French translation, annekek - Korean