Diane L. Augustin
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If you are looking for quick project ideas, here are a few suggestions or you:)
Each of these patterns can be made in a few hours.
Have fun whipping up hand made gifts for those you love.

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I started out knitting scarves and still love them. Most of my scarf patterns use a special selvage edges I learned from someone way, way back when I was a kiddo. It’s a lovely touch to make the edges smooth and finished while you knit. Enjoy!

Throw on and go is what I’m after these days. I like the ease of draping a ponchette or poncho over my head and shoulders and feeling cozy for the day. I hope you like them, as well. Enjoy!

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Crocheters! I’ve put together a bundle of my crochet patterns for you.

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All styles and shapes, including Moebius and Infinity.

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