Welcome to the hat bundle! I created these designs for your fast, low-effort and pleasant knitting. Most of my hat projects only take about an hour to complete and do not require expert skills. Great for beginner and intermediate knitters. Enjoy!

Welcome to the scarves bundle! Here you’ll find some fast and easy patterns for your next scarf or cowl. Chunky yarn, thick needles - most of these lovelies would only take an hour or two to make. Feeling cold and need a new scarf super urgent? Need a last minute gift? Check these patterns. Happy knitting!

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Welcome to the Cozy Babies bundle! Here you’ll find many cozy hats, bonnets and blankets for your baby or child. Photographers and new parents: various newborn photo props options for you! Any of these items will make a lovely baby shower gift. Enjoy!

Sweet quickest projects for your home. Perfect to use up yarn leftovers, they knit up in literally no time. Some take 15 minutes, others up to 1 hour. Get some on your needles or hook today, you’ll be enjoying them… well, today! :)

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Welcome to the Cozy Feet bundle! Keep your legs and feet warm and cozy with these slippers and leg warmers. I hope you like them as much as I do. Enjoy!