Olga Buraya-Kefelian
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3D knitwear is created with a series of techniques and concepts combined together with the right fiber and yarn choices to achieve high relief and intricate texture of the knit fabric.

This type of technique is different from your usual Slip Stitches as it allows one to achieve 3D texture of the fabric, especially when combined together with the variety of other stitches resulting in ruched fabric effect. And enhanced when combining it with different colors, rendering a unique look each time!

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Presented with a variety of shawl shapes and textures and suitable for every level skill knitter embrace warmer weather by knitting shawls.

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TRANSFORM is a result of a transformation. Have you ever wondered about versatile knitwear? The designs featured here offer a myriad of styles. Whether a garment or an accessory the patterns are carefully thought out and the end products are unique and innovative. Styling videos and numerous photos are included on how to wear them and pick the options that suit you best.

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Designs created using Double Brioche patterning together with 2x2 rib.

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This collection has been designed with the earnest aspiration to achieve your own “Hygge” - from tactile wonder of handling our new yarn through the gratifying process of creation, culminating in sumptuous knits that you will find yourself wrapping in not just for warmth but as well for comfort. The entire collection is featuring Woolfolk “Hygge” yarn. Woolfolk Hygge Collection is also available in eBook format for instant download here on Ravelry.

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Brooklyn Tweed CAPSULE | Olga Buraya-Kefelian is the first installment in a project we call CAPSULE. This new series gives a single designer the stage to fashion story that reflects their own vision, told in Brooklyn Tweed wool. Each capsule collection will be available as a beautiful, high-quality printed book with lush photographic spreads of the collection and detailed patterns for each design included. Single pattern PDFs are available for purchase as well.

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A five pieces collaboration collection with Quince & Co using their Finch, Chickadee and Tern yarns. Beautifully photographed in Maine by Carrie Bostick-Hoge.

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Variety of hats designed using different types of allover ribbing.