Amigurumi Skippy, the kangaroo by Jana Ganseforth

Amigurumi Skippy, the kangaroo

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January 2011
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Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.

Skippy is a sweet small kangaroo boy who is an eager hunter and collector. What he hunts? Kurisositäten.
What he collects? No notion, I may not look in his bag.

Now everybody can crochet to themselves his small Skippy at home itself.

The small kangaroo becomes approx. 18 cm and 22 cm long according to thread strength and crochet needle.

Degree of difficulty: easily to medium
The instructions are written easy-understandably and provided with pictures.
Nevertheless, grounding should exist in the crocheting.

Sales, duplication and publication (incl. translations) of the instructions (including publication on the Internet) as well as sales of the ready figure on the Internet are prohibited. The local sales of the ready figure (e.g., in stores, at markets) are permitted!