Coronation by Wolf & Dupeyron


This pattern is available for free.

This chart depicts a king kneeling in front of a church official (not sure which one) as a crown is placed on his head.

The antique pattern library source for this book is linked directly.

For the other source on the internet archive, which is recharted by Franciska Ruessink the link is below.

Both sources include the entire books with all charts from “Le Filet Ancien au Point de Reprise II” so they have to be scrolled through to find the image which should also have a corresponding chart.

On APL the chart should be next to the image.

On the internet archive all the images are shown at the beginning and then the charts are repeated afterward in the same order, some using multiple pages depending on the size of the chart. To find what you need faster there is a setting to look at the thumbnails of the pages on the lower right hand side.