Denmark Pullover with Simple Patterns by Donna Druchunas

Denmark Pullover with Simple Patterns

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Design your own textured sweater.

Knitted in a simple check pattern with garter-stitch welts, neck trim, and cuffs, this sweater is simple enough that you will be able to relax as you knit. If you’ve never worked with all-over knit-and-purl stitch patterns, this sweater is a good first project for trying out this design technique.


Simple texture patterns: all-over and horizontal bands

Lower body worked in the round with bottom welts, and upper body sections worked back and forth

Relaxed body fit and wide sleeves

Square neckline, with finishing trim knitted all-in-one with body

Sleeves knitted from texture-stitch lower edge to shoulder and sewn on

How it works:

Choose from three different styles of worksheets-quick notes, a visual plan, or detailed guidelines:

1) For adventurous and advanced knitters, I have a schematic where you can fill in your measurements and stitch counts as you go.

2) For those who want more details, I have a spreadsheet to help you do all of the calculations you’ll need for your project.

3) For those who have never designed a sweater, or who want a little more hand-holding, I have step-by-step instructions for working up each project (with your numbers).