Freeform Denim Tote by Lisa Doherty

Freeform Denim Tote

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Freeform crochet is an endlessly fascinating way of making an original fabric. It allows the crocheter to use any and all stitches and yarns without regard for the rules of traditional crochet. But the things that make it so wild and wonderful can also make it hard to approach. For the beginning freeform crocheter, the never-ending possibilities can be overwhelming, making it too difficult to even get started. I decided to write patterns that would help beginners get their feet wet.

But this isn’t really a true pattern because it’s not written so that the original design can be reproduced exactly. And the freeform is actually freeformish since it’s not entirely improvised. So, I’m calling it a freeform•ish guide. It explains freeform basics so that a traditional crocheter with some experience can start to freeform as a beginner in an approachable way.

Freeform techniques you will learn:
Using a template
How to make small motifs and assemble them into scrumbles
How to add borders on to motifs and scrumbles to add complexity to the fabric
Ensuring that the fabric will lay flat
Incorporating your favorite stitch patterns into motifs and borders
Choosing yarns

Note: This freeform•ish guide does not include instructions for the basic crochet stitches: If you are comfortable with crochet basics, you’re ready to start. If not, take the time to learn the single, double, and half double crochet stitches, then keep your favorite how-to-crochet book nearby for reference.

Yarn requirements: 300g of assorted, small amounts of yarn in a variety of weights This is actually more yarn than you need, but it’s always a good idea to have extra to ensure that you have flexibility in yarn choice.

Hooks: use hooks appropriate to your yarns