Gabija’s Fire Shawl by Donna Druchunas

Gabija’s Fire Shawl

Coming soon to the Goddess Knits Collection by Donna Druchunas and Heather Marano.

The Goddess Knits Collection features 18 knitting patterns inspired by the goddesses of Northern Europe. The patterns—along with original artwork and stories about the goddesses—will be released in installments.

Feb: Hat, Circular Shawl, and Handfasting Ribbon
Apr: Cloak, Stole, and Crescent Shawl
Jun: Toe-up and Cuff-down Socks, and Pillow
Aug: Triangle Shawl, and Pi Shawl
Oct: Remaining six patterns and full book!

The full book will also include a symbol and stitch library, resources for learning more about the goddesses of Northern Europe and other places around the world, and a knitting reference section featuring the authors’ favorite tips and tricks.

The final book will be available in PDF and print editions. You can preorder the print book on my website and you will also receive the ebook.