Matinee Coat with Low Neck by Watmoughs Knitting Studio

Matinee Coat with Low Neck

To fit chest
18, 20, 22 in
Actual measurements
20, 22, 24 in
Length from back neck
11, 11½, 12 in
Sleeve seam
5½, 6, 6½ in

Each pattern has a different set of recommended yarns. The following is from the Starline version.

Kestrel Tricel and Nylon, Kestrel Tricel and Nylon Crepe, Kestrel Nylon, Bluebird Wool and Nylon, or Bluebird Nylon
6, 7, 8 balls
Bluebird Nylon Quick Knitting
5, 6, 7 balls
1 button
Stitch holders.