Moebius Ring WG28 by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Moebius Ring WG28

The Endless Seamless One-Surfaced One-Edged Scarf/Hat

from page 12 of Vogue Knitting Holiday 1987:

… directions were previously in Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Wool
and are reprinted with permission of Schoolhouse Press… These techniques are explained in Elizabeth’s new video, Knitting

The pictured Moebius Ring is 8” wide x 50” long and uses 5 balls of Vendome’s Maurice…

From EZ: The whole Moebius principle formed a large gap in my education until one day, at a knitting workshop, a student demonstrated it to us with a long skinny piece of paper, given one twist, and stuck together to form the Moebius Ring: a ring with one surface and one edge. She’s nuts, you say: but make one for yourself, and see.

Gauge can be determined by desired yarn and texture. The Moebius is knit however long one desires, by first using invisible cast-on; when desired length is reached, the knitted fabric is twisted and edges are grafted together. An i-cord border is applied whilst knitting the main body.

Materials: “About 9 oz of thick, or 4 oz of thin wool. A circular needle (or pair of needles) of a size to give you whatever GAUGE pleases you. That seems vague, but this is one instance where fit is not critical, and you are encouraged to work with the gauge that best suits the work and texture you chose. We use Icelandic wool for most of our scarves, as it is truly the world’s warmest wool, and has the advantage of allowing you to work in 1-ply (for lace), 2-ply for medium-weight, or 3-ply for bulky.”

This pattern is titled “The Endless Seamless One-Surfaced, One-Edged Shawl-Cap-Muff” and may be found on pages 54-57 of Knitting Around.

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