Motley by Mandy Moore


This pattern is available for free.

Note: Smaller needle is used for Silk Garden Sock yarn, larger needle is used for Kureyon.

Entrelac and Noro yarns are a match made in heaven. Each of these shawls is worked using three different colorways of a Noro yarn: the larger shawl is worked in Kureyon, the smaller shawl in Silk Garden Sock.

I knit the shawls without worrying too much about how the colors combined… I just let the color progressions unfold naturally, even when I initially disliked the combinations and arrangements that seemed to be developing.

Some of the juxtapositions seemed chaotic and awkward while I was knitting, but when I was finished, these combinations made the finished shawls more vibrant and interesting than they would have been if I’d tried to arrange the colours to make them more even or more obviously pleasing. The differing tier lengths of the triangular shape ensured that no two colors met the same way twice.

A large, firm buttonhole worked in the center of each square and triangle adds visual interest; when blocked, the entrelac squares stretch out into distorted, tesselating hourglass shapes.
The holes also make the shawls more versatile to wear, as corners can be pulled through holes to fasten the shawl in many different ways.