Pompom Garland by Amanda Blair Brown

Pompom Garland

Pattern description from Handknit Holidays: “Weave a magic web around your Christmas tree with these glittery, whimsical, and very original garlands made from knitted I-cords braided together and then dotted with playful pompoms. The cords can be made any length, and the pompoms are removable, making it easy to experiment until you find just the right way to mix and match them.”


  • Classic Elite Waterspun (100% felted merino wool; 138 yards / 50 grams): 3 or 4 colors of choice, or as indicated below for each Garland. Note: 10 yards yarn will make approx 2 feet I-cord.
  • Classic Elite La Gran Mohair (76.5% mohair / 17.5% wool / 6% nylon; 90 yards / 42 grams): 1 ball makes approximately 8 solid-color pompoms; also used with gold cord for wrapping braids
  • Metallic cord (sold at craft/paper stores): 1 roll each thin gold and silver cord for wrapping braids and making shimmering pompoms
  • Shown in book the following colors: Note: Numbers beginning with 5 are for Waterspun; numbers beginning with 6 are for La Gran.
  • Pink Garland: #5068 madder (brick), #5019 India pink, #5089 Julia’s pink (light pink), and #5087 bisque (tan); wrapped with #6519 cameo (light) pink and gold cord.
  • Green Garland: #5035 fern green (olive), #5074 pastoral green (yellowish green), #5036 celery (light green); wrapped with #6539 eucalyptus green and gold cord.

Needles: Two double-pointed needles (dpn) size US 7 (4.5 mm) for I-cord.

Notions: 10 large safety pins, yarn needle, 2 pieces cardboard, each 4” square for pompoms.

Gauge: Gauge not crucial for this project