Save-the-streams Slippers by Kim Hamlin

Save-the-streams Slippers

This pattern can be found on pages 132-137 of Knitting Green: Conversations and Planet-Friendly Projects, by Ann Budd with contributions from some of the knitwear industry’s leading designers.

Kim Hamlin knows that a no-shoes-in-the-house policy keeps floors clean and ultimately reduces the amount of cleaning products that get dumped down household drains. But, confesses Kim, it’s one thing to ask family to partake in no-shoe zones; it’s quite another to ask the same of guests. She therefore suggests keeping an inviting basket of slippers in all sizes at the door. Kim knitted these simple garter-stitch slippers with Sweet Earth from Himalaya Yarns, a pure
wool yarn that is dyed naturally (with just alum as a mordant) to protect the waterways.