Shawlette by Stefanie Japel


Hi Knitters!

I created images of the edits to this pattern and added here as photos.

The increases should take you up to 103 stitches, and 213 total stitches on the needles.

The chart should show decreases at the ends of the rows in row 1, and there should be no set of 3 purl stitches at the ends of the rows.

Please see the new images above for more detail.

Thank you to everyone who wrote to me about this! It’s great to get it updated.

I’m knitting another one, and will post images of my project when it’s done.

Here’s something you might find fun!

The stitch pattern is a multiple of 10 + 3, so if you want to create larger versions, you increase up to larger multiples of 10 + 3 in each set of stitches between the markers.

This pattern increases to 103 in each set of stitches between the markers, but you could increase to 153 or 203, etc.

The tester that I’m making is 123.