Sooty, Sweep & Soo by Browneyedbabs

Sooty, Sweep & Soo

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Sooty, Sweep and Soo finger puppets published in Knit Now’s Terrific Toys publication given away free with Issue 59 of Knit Now.

In grey work rows 1 – 17 of Sooty’s body (flat).
Work row 18 in red.
Change back to grey and continue row 19 of sooty body. 18 sts

Row 20: Sl1, p4, p1, pfb twice, p1 twice, p5. 22 sts
Row 21: Sl1, k5, k1, kfb, k1, kfb, k1 twice, k6. 26 sts
Row 22: Sl1, purl.
Row 23: Sl1, knit.
Row 24: Sl1, p5, p1, ssp twice, p2, p2tog, p1 twice, p6. 22 sts
Row 25: Sl1, k5, ssk twice, k2, k2tog twice, k6. 18 sts
Row 26: Sl1, purl.
Row 27: Sl1, knit.
Row 28: Sl1, purl.
Row 29: Sl1, k2, k2tog, ssk, k2 twice, k1. 14 sts
Row 30: Sl1, purl.
Cut yarn and draw through sts to close.

These puppets were designed under licence and are only available in this publication.