Tuxedo No. 26A by Corticelli

Tuxedo No. 26A

January 1922
yarn held together
= Light Fingering ?
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Flag of English English
Out of print. This pattern was available for free.

This model, though simple enough to be made by any one, yet is a beautiful Tuxedo when made of the colors we have selected and one that will be in good style for several seasons. Any belt can be worn with it.

MATERIALS -- 10 balls of Corticelli Flosola Navy Blue No. 39-1/2, 3 balls of Corticelli Flosola Algonquin No. 55-1/2. No. 5 Knitting Needles.

OTHER COLORS -- Corticelli Flosola Paradise No. 5, trimmed with Sand No. 60 or Corticelli Flosola Amber No. 8-1/2 trimmed with Mandarin No. 6-1/2 or Algonquin No. 55-1/2.