Vintage Car Coat by Sublime Yarns

Vintage Car Coat

Actual measurement: 46/50/54/60 cm
Length: 22/26/30/36 cm
Sleeve seam: 15/17/20/24 cm

3/3/4/5 x 50g balls in 006 “Pebble”

Additonal supplies:
2 stitch holders
7 buttons

adjust needle size to obtain gauge

Also in Finnish in Moda 1/2007.

Extremely simple and extremely classy. This coat is straight-sided with sloped shoulders and rounded sleeve caps; a nice combination of drop shoulder and improved fit. The front garter bands are worked up from stitches on hold at the base of the left and right fronts, and sewn down afterwards; the collar is worked starting with the live stitches at the top of the right front border. (We love this, as it minimizes sewing and ends to weave in later.) And the sleeves have dashing little button plackets that really button!