Ruth Roland

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eBook : 4 patterns

Each pattern in this eBook has its own interpretation of a Greek meander. Meanders symbolize friendship, love and devotion, and eternity. You will find slip-stitch mosaic, cable, intarsia, knit-and-purl, and stranded colorwork meanders in this collection of unisex designs.

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
This versatile and eye-catching shawl is made up of hexagonal lace snowflakes nestled together. Since real-life snowflakes are unique, the pattern presents beginnings, middles, and ends to mix and match for a total of 27 possibilities. Knit the whole shawl using the same combination, use a different combination for each snowflake, or anything i...
Knitting: Scarf
This luxuriously long scarf is suitable for men and women. It is modeled on the secret passage that runs under the Red Keep in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series: a ladder followed by a gate which leads to a mosaic tile floor, then another ladder, and finally a low tunnel. The colorful border (offered in crochet and knit version...
Knitting: Belt, Scarf
This scarf is a chain of figure eights, hence the name (which means “Crazy Eights” in Spanish). The short version makes an intriguing piece of neckwear or a belt, and the longer chain will wrap around multiple times. Thread the links through one another or make two scarves to link together. Work as many links as you like, using more yarn to mak...
Knitting: Scarf
This scarf is a good introduction to some fun reversible cable techniques and features a cable version of a Greek meander. The meander symbolizes bonds of friendship, love, and devotion. Doubling the yarn produces a pleasantly springy fabric and a very dimensional cable. This fabric grows quite a bit after washing.
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
This shawl is shaped like the Taurus  symbol--a head and two horns. The head is worked first, from the center out, and then stitches are picked up and worked down for each horn.  The left horn represents stability, a  common Taurean characteristic, and the right horn the new growth of April and May.
Knitting: Coat / Jacket
Finished Shoulder circumference (garment overlaps by 5”/12.5cm): 32.5 (35, 38.5)”/83 (89, 97.5)cm
Knitting: Scarf
Moon Mirrors is worked in tapestry knitting, a method of reversible stranded colorwork in which the strands are used as part of the design. The technique is addictive and the results are stunning!
Knitting: Hanging Ornament
This adorable snowflake ornament is knit in the round from the center out and uses cast-on and bound-off stitches to create its points.
Knitting: Hanging Ornament
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Knitting: Skirt
Finished Waist Circumference
Knitting: Component (stitch, edge) - Other
This series contains the patterns for the Summer Party Shrug, Summer Party Bag, and Summer Party Top.
Knitting: Sleeveless Top
This sleeveless top looks great with shorts or jeans for a casual party or with a long skirt for evening. It is worked from the top down so you can try it on as you go.
Knitting: Drawstring Bag, Purse / Handbag
This bag comes in three sizes: S (M, L)
Knitting: Shrug / Bolero
Just right for slipping on over a sleeveless dress or jeans and a cami, this shrug is knit back and forth from the middle of the back and over the shoulders, then worked from the top down with the easiest set-in sleeves ever. The Frill Stitch adds just the right touch to this garment sized for children and adults.
Knitting: Mittens
These cozy mittens combine cables and colorwork and feature “afterthought” thumbs. The Greek meander on the palms and thumbs symbolizes friendship, love, and devotion. The sinuous cables on the back of the hand are reminiscent of the reverse side of the Meandros Scarf.
Knitting: Pullover
This sweater gets its name from the Greek meander running up around the collar and cuffs in purl stitches. A similar intarsia meander goes up the center and under the arms. Meanders symbolize friendship, love and devotion, and eternity.
Knitting: Hats - Other, Beanie, Toque
Sized for children through adults, this hat is a good introduction to mosaic (slip-stitch) colorwork. A Greek meander travels around the base of the crown. It symbolizes bonds of friendship, love and devotion, and eternity. The hat can be worn as modeled, or pulled down snugly over the head for added warmth.
Knitting: Shawl / Wrap
Eight kittens, each in a different playful pose, adorn the center portion of this triangular shawl, and paw prints climb over the top. A great shawl for cat lovers or fans of any sports team with a cat mascot (tiger, jaguar, panther, etc.). Short-row shaping makes the shawl slope gracefully over the shoulders, and optional wrist ties help keep ...
Knitting: Scarf
Ten kittens, each in a different playful pose, adorn this piece–and paw prints climb over the top. A great item for cat lovers or fans of any sports team with a cat mascot (tiger, jaguar, panther, etc.). A slipped stitch faux I-Cord edging runs up the sides and the center is joined to the ends with I-Cord. Instructions are provided for optional...
Knitting: Knee-highs
These whimsical knee-high socks are coordinated but not identical. Feel free to work two of one or the other pattern if you prefer matched socks. These socks feature a method of stranded color-work knitting which results in a virtually jogless pattern.
Knitting: Headband, Beanie, Toque
This winter accessory features geckos playing on a brick path. This pattern makes a hat or a 4 inch wide headband that can be worn over the ears for warmth. Instructions for grafting (headband only) are included.