Arctic Dream from Arctic Qiviut

Arctic Dream

from Arctic Qiviut
Lace ?
437 yards
(400 meters)
56 grams
(1.98 ounces)
55% Other Animal - Musk Ox / Qiviut
30% Goat - Cashmere goat
15% Silk
plied, fluffy

This blend is 55% Qiviut, 30% Cashmere and 15% Cultivated Silk. Our exclusive Arctic Dream yarn is made with the softest qiviut from the saddle area of the muskox to add durability, softness, warmth and an insulating value for any climate. White cashmere is added for its softness, natural crimp, insulating properties and for its lofty lightweight. Cultivated Bombay silk is blended in to add strength, durability, warmth, luster and holds dye well. This qiviut blend feels like a dream to work with for weavers, knitters and crochet artists.

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