(GT) Gradient Tied Cotton from Bre-Aly Threads

(GT) Gradient Tied Cotton

from Bre-Aly Threads
Light Fingering ?
504 yards
(461 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
US 4 - 6 or 3.5 - 4mm
2.75mm (C) - 4mm (G)
100% Cotton
3 - 4 strands unplied

3-4 strands held together changing one strand out at regular intervals to create a gradient effect. The colorway begins with a a solid run of a color (all strands are the same color) and end with a solid run of a color.

  • The base thread is NOT hand-dyed by me

  • 3-4 separate strands wound together to create a 3 or 4-ply gradient as you work. This is NOT a traditional plied (twisted) yarn.

  • There is a knot in one strand where each color change occurs. These can easily be worked into your pattern while you knit or crochet and should not affect your finished piece. Other knots may occur occasionally from the manufacturer. I try to catch them, but some may make it through just the same.

  • Wound into center-pull balls. My preference is to work from the outside in, but either way is fine

  • It does take some getting used to working with this yarn, but the results are stunning if you take your time and make sure to catch each strand as you work.

popular colorways

1 Igon V

14 stashed

4 projects

2 Purples

22 stashed

4 projects


7 stashed

10 projects

Flowering Fern

5 stashed

2 projects

Twilight Zone

6 stashed

7 projects

Weather Related

11 stashed

10 projects