Harvest Hues 4ply from John Arbon Textiles

Harvest Hues 4ply

from John Arbon Textiles
Fingering (14 wpi) ?
437 yards
(400 meters)
100 grams
(3.53 ounces)
US 0 - 7 or 2 - 4.5mm
33% Wool - Merino
33% Wool - Zwartbles
33% Wool - Bluefaced Leicester (BFL)
This yarn is Certified Organic
Care: Hand Wash
Color: Heathered
Drafting method: Worsted spun
Dye: Fleece dyed
Ply: 2-ply
Put up: Winding required
Sustainability: Certified Organic
Milled: England, Spun at our Devon Mill
Source of fiber: England, Devon Based Zwartbles
Source of fiber: Falkland Islands, Organically Farmed Merino Fibre

Harvest Hues Yarn is a blend of local Devon farmed Zwartbles and lustrous Bluefaced Leicester mixed with soft as a cloud Falklands Merino.

The Zwartbles sheep is naturally dark brown and has a dear place in our hearts, as when blended with our pre-dyed Bluefaced Leicester and Merino colours, it transforms the fibre into deep, mottled shades reminiscent of our home in Exmoor. When preparing these tops we comb the fibres in one direction, accentuating a blend’s softness, shine and strength. The elegant Merino, bouncy Zwartbles and glowing BFL complement each other perfectly, giving the tops and yarn a delicate woolly halo, impeccable drape and full-bodied texture. Wonderful!

The Worsted Weight yarn compliments our existing yarn ranges perfectly and gives those crafters who prefer a chunkier yarn and bigger needles or hooks an exciting option. Our 4ply gives folks a drapier fabric, and is perfect for everything from shawls to garments. Cables and texture, here we come.

Our Mill is situated just outside Exmoor, in the heart of Devon. Autumn here is awash with gently fading splendour: all the punchy, bright shades of summer soften and become more muted. This changing of the seasons is the inspiration for our Harvest Hues yarn range. Inspired by these subtle tones in our surrounding landscape, we set out to achieve a similar effect by blending the super saturated tones of our dyed, organically farmed Merino with the naturally dark fibre of the Devon Zwartbles, and lustrous Bluefaced Leicester. When blended together, the three breeds create a sublime depth of colour; transforming the resulting yarn and tops into complex, mottled shades reminiscent of our local Autumnal landscape.

Whether you’re after the tops or yarn, our Harvest Hues is a delightful blend with an unpretentious air. It’s the ideal blend to wear when rambling about the countryside on a crisp autumnal day. With twenty two sumptuous shades inspired by Autumn’s striking palette, you’re sure to find a combination which makes your heart glad.

Composition: 33% Bluefaced Leicester / 33% Falklands Merino / 33% Zwartbles

Yarn Specifications:
4ply / fingering weight
400 meters per 100 grams (2/8nm)
Available in 100g skeins and 25g minis

Hand wash at low temperature with mild detergent

As of October 2023, our Harvest Hues base is now 33% BFL / 33% Falklands Merino / 33% Zwartbles. Before this it was 65% Merino / 35% Zwartbles

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