Babyalpaka from Kremke Soul Wool


from Kremke Soul Wool
Worsted (9 wpi) ?
109 yards
(100 meters)
50 grams
(1.76 ounces)
18.0 to 19.0 sts
= 4 inches
US 4 - 7 or 3.5 - 4.5mm
100% Camelid - Alpaca
Soft, hairy
Care: Hand Wash Cold
Color: Solid color
Dye: Machine dyed
Ply: 3-ply
Source of fiber: Peru
Milled: Peru
Dyed: Peru

Why is this yarn called Baby Alpaca? The fibre doesn’t come from baby Alpacas. “Baby” is the category that defines the fineness of the alpaca fibre. This one has only 22 Micron, which makes it almost as soft as Cashmere. There is only one category higher than this: Royal Alpaca. But this is so rare and expensive that we have decided to go for the “Baby” as we think you cannot really feel the difference between those two.

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