RUGby Rug Wool Dyed from Kremke Soul Wool

RUGby Rug Wool Dyed

from Kremke Soul Wool
Jumbo (0-4 wpi) ?
68 yards
(62 meters)
500 grams
(17.64 ounces)
US 19 - 35 or 15 - 19mm
15mm (P/Q) - 19mm (S)
70% Wool
30% Cotton
Care: Dry Flat, Hand Wash
Color: Semi-solid
Source of fiber: Germany
Milled: Germany
Dyed: Germany

For a rug of appr. 1,5m in diameter you need appr. 3kg.

This wonderfully rustique Rug Wool is milled mainly from German wool. “We source our rug wool mainly in Bavaria from farms to which we have a good personal contact. We know both the shepherd and the sheep and have a high focus on animal welfare and environmental protection. And we make sure that the shepherds are paid a fair price for their wool”, the manager of the mill states.

The wool is inspected regularly for pesticides, funghicides and Permethrin.

Pure wool has anti-static properties and due to the squamous structure of the surface, sheep wool is self-cleansing. The dust gets wiped out of the fiber through the movement of the fibers. The fact that the wool contains a certain portion of humidity, it avoids the electrostatic charging of the rug. For heavier spots you can use regular soft soap. The rugs can also be washed in the mashine with cold water (wool cycle). During the washing process, the rug creates some fuzz which can easily be removed. The rug gets felted slightly, which makes it look even nicer and warmer.

Tipp: When you crochet round objects (rugs, baskets), you should use a magic loop for the center stitch. Apart from that you can use just simple standard patterns for circle objects. Note: When starting a new bobbin, push back the wool from the carrier thread for some centimeters, make small knot to connect the new sisal/cotton thread at the beginning with the old thread and then push the wool back in place to cover the knot. This is how you keep these transitions invisible.

When you crochet we advise you to only insert the hook into the back loop of the previous-row-stitch. This keeps the fabric less bulky and creates a more even pattern.