Christopher Kale

Christopher Kale

Very very busy singer and teacher who tries to find the time to indulge in his many hobbies. Years ago, I discovered the relaxing fun of (hand) spinning. When the yarn started piling up, rediscovered the (sometimes) relaxing fun of knitting, which I learned as a child. Now the two are competing for the very little time I have when I am not running from one job to another in airplanes (where I dare to knit), trains (where I try to knit) and bicycles (where I can’t knit).

Both my knitting and spinning designs are focused on the play of rich colors and textures.

I used to be very bad about posting my spinning here. I’m getting better. I feel compelled to spin! I am primarily a spindle spinner, and I feel like spinning is the thing that truly keeps my fingers on fiber. I do love to knit, and certainly knit many things from ‘factory’ yarn - but nothing feels better than grabbing a handful of fresh fluffy fiber, and watching it turn from straw into gold… every time.

original designs

Torculus Cowl
Ply Magazine, Summer 2022
Ketting Mittens
PLY Magazine, Winter 2021
Briarcrest Shawl
PLY Magazine, Winter 2017
Monster Satchel
PLY Magazine, Summer 2016
Knitty, Winter 2015
Positive Negative Socks
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North Sea Shawl
Christopher Kale's Ravelry Downloads