# 20 Päivä by Daniela Johannsenova

# 20 Päivä

August 2013
Lace ?
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
2515 yards (2300 m)
Danish Dutch German Russian

6x Superior - doppelt verstricken!
Gesamtgewicht 140 Gramm!

6 skeins of Superior worked double (2ply)

Strickpackung/Yarn kit (pattern in German only!): http://shop.strato.de/epages/61043990.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPat...

In Größe 34/36. Ich arbeite an weiteren Größen und werde diese im Sommer 2014 veröffentlichen.

Size S (34/36). I am just working on other sizes. These will be published in Summer 2014.

Päivä is Finnish and means “day”. I think the Verena Magazine was joking by naming my garment Day (Night might have been more appropirate)

I was inspired by a carpet in the most beautiful Casino in Las Vegas - in the Wynn Hotel. I guess I will never be able to afford a night at this hotel, but I will definitely at least drink a coffee or eat at their restaurant again. That place is just magic and very inspiring:-)