Art Deco Beaded Scarf by Diane L. Augustin

Art Deco Beaded Scarf

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Add sparkle to any occasion with this beaded accessory.

The scarf is knit with beads placed in a graduated position at both ends.
It is reversible, displaying a different look on each side.

The yarn used in this sample is a Cotton/viscose blend, that has a soft sheen and drapes wonderfully. Any dk yarn may be used in this project. It is approximately 4” wide x 52” long.

You will learn how to pre string beads and knit them into position.

Have fun selecting just the right yarn and bead combination.

You will need approximately 1,200 seed beads in size 6/0. I recommend TOHO beads.

This is a helpful U-Tube video for stringing beads onto the yarn using a dental floss threader:

I use a fleece mat on a flat table surface rather than hold the beads in my hand. You can get fleece fabric at any fabric store and cut a small square to use for beading.

Any DK weight yarn will work with this pattern.

I have been teaching this class for a while now, encouraging my students to add their own creative flair to the areas after the single bead placement rows end. I’ve composed a page of photos which illustrate some options. It is page 3, attached to the original .pdf.

The rest of the pattern remains the same.
Thank you again! Enjoy!


This pattern is featured in the 2013 Fiber Art Almanac published by Wildwood Press.